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System Changelog Entry #5153

Summary remote keep
Rated Importance
7 raters
Rated Value
7 raters
Type lib revision
By Chaos
When Jul 27 2011 5:24 AM
Description Revised the keep system so that 1) if a kept item isn't with you when you disincarnate, it's left behind in the world but it doesn't stop being kept, you're still keeping it and it will persist even through reboots, 2) an item can only have one keeper, so if someone picks up something you left behind and keeps it, it's being kept by them now, not you, 3) there's no longer the 3-day-inactive time limit thing on unique items like artifacts, which never worked very well anyway, but now they never disappear with you and are always left behind.
Reason Improvement.
Result Kept stuff doesn't have to be with you. This is a fairly major step in terms of world persistence.
Version lib minor version incremented to Ain Soph 2.5.0

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