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System Changelog Entry #7866

Summary reverted change 7865
Rated Importance
2 raters
Rated Value
2 raters
Type content revision
By Marcosy
When Dec 8 2021 4:43 PM
Description In addition to being a fundamental undermining of the core concept of Equites Serpentina, this was not something I approved of. See change 4660 for additional information.
Reason While the idea of Knights having special mounts is both cool and exciting, Empathic Bonds are not the correct means for this -- Empathic Bonds is meant to be a highly focused faculty which involves life-altering spiritual intimacy, a concept which is often disregarded when attempting to obtain the mechanical benefits it conveys. Additionally, this was implemented without any of the appropriate telesmatic underpinnings required for the formation of such a bond (at minimum, some flashing lights and cool messages! come on!). The possibility of Knights having some quality-of-life changes remains on the board through other means, and battle bonds should indeed be used (by something appropriate).
Result Knight horses are just horses again for now
Projects Knights of the Round Table, Camelot
Version not updated

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