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System Changelog Entry #7675

Summary revised shoggoth max flgathu formula
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4 raters
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4 raters
Type content revision
By Starhound
When Aug 22 2020 10:49 PM
Description altered this formula to take the maximum vorgaal int and push it through diminishing returns on a base scale of 10. then for every 100 points of skill they have in metamorphosis the scale is raised by +1. this conjoins the idea that the amount of organs a shoggoth can grow is tied to their overall size along with keeping the importance of the metamorphosis skill (beyond its already present importance in calculation of how effective each organ is).
Reason the previous formula was entirely based upon the metamorphosis skill and imposed fairly quick and low caps on investment to return ratios. while probably done in the effort of game balance, it seems better to shift this logic into factoring in the natural size of the being in its ability to handle the growth of additional organs.
Result shogs in most cases will be able to continue to grow organs past a specific point in their growth while still having the more defined limitations regarding the amount of an individual organ they can grow. for some quick examples: Vorgaal: 9999, Metamorphosis: 500, Max Count: 540 -- Vorgal: 1000, Metamorphosis: 200, Max Count: 149. Early on this will give shoggoths a higher cap than they will be able to sustain and thus can impose greater risks of utilizing all of your mass. Organs are still subjected to their individual max count formulas.
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