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System Changelog Entry #3202

Summary rewrote Cleric raise dead
Rated Importance
1 rater
Rated Value
1 rater
Type content revision
By Chaos
When Sep 2 2007 1:09 AM
Description extensively revised the Cleric raise dead spell, giving it costs and a component (gemstone worth 2500 gold) and making it so that it can be applied to an incarnos's corpse, an incarnos's ghost, or an autonomon (NPC)'s corpse; on an incarnos, it will prevent death effects from occurring (and draw a ghost back to the body if necessary and it can); an autonomon's corpse will be returned to life; this all needs some player testing and feedback to make sure it's all in order
Reason usefulness
Result raise dead does useful things
Projects Clerics
Version not updated

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