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System Changelog Entry #7881

Summary Rods of repair updated
Rated Importance
1 rater
Rated Value
1 rater
Type content revision
By Aeriella
When Jan 12 2022 1:40 PM
Description Rods of repair have been updated to take away the "repair" action they used and instead to use contact as their method of activation. Instead of utilizing "repair item" to repair an item, you should now use "touch rod to item" to do so. Rods of repair additionally check for antimagic in the room (cuz they're magickal) and for the user to be sensitive to spiritual forces (no spiritual disjunction) and require a nominal amount of wyrding skill to activate. Finally, rods of repair are now subject to replcate degradation (beware). Existing rods will most likely not be affected by this change, so enjoy them while they last.
Reason These didn't respect antimagic and the "repair" syntax would conflict with attempting to repair items with shopkeepers.
Result Rods of repair fit more comfortably within our telesmic framework.
Version not updated

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