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System Changelog Entry #5248

Summary Smoothed out the alignment restrictions for Lupines.
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Type content revision
By Lysator
When Aug 4 2012 1:48 AM
Description Set up Lupines so that they will naturally drift back towards neutral if they get too far from neutral. It brings you to within 100 of neutral (from any given alignment direction), and then stops. This is far enough from neutral that your powers won't be 100%, but it is not so far away that you are screwed for the next two days because in your berserk rage you managed to slaughter one small town (that happened to be an extreme alignment). At the same time, it pretty much eliminates Lupines being in any affiliation that requires an extreme alignment.
Reason Alignment is a stupid mechanic anyway, but it is thoroughly engrained into Lupines, so we can't immediately get rid of it. This should eliminate some of the hurtiness while retaining the delicate balance of choosing one's opponents carefully.
Result Lupines can do things like defend their homeland from a pack of roving orcs without having to spend the next day or two trying to find isolated, non-swarming low-level mobs of an opposing alignment to kill in order to be better balanced. They can also spend more time defending Gaia, and less time fretting over what alignment the invader is.
Projects Lupines
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