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System Changelog Entry #7150

Summary Sursum Corda
Rated Importance
4 raters
Rated Value
4 raters
Type content creation
By Fate
When Jun 12 2017 12:55 PM
Description This is a glamorous wand made of vibrant cherrywood that glistens as if recently waxed. A small heart-shaped rose quartz is embedded into the tip, and decorative vines stained in Tyrian Purple climb the handle in complex intertwining patterns. Nestled among the vines are three phrases delicately etched with gold filigree. You recognize this as Sursum Corda, a gift presented by an early collaboration of Yehovite and Discordian magicians to Princess Alexandria, daughter of Emperor Rkard II of Altri. Interweaved into its wood are the principles of holiness and starlight. Alexandria, who was beloved by all in the empire for her dedication to fairness and justice, was renowned for her beautiful singing voice, and it is rumoured that the enchantments placed upon this wand would resonate with her voice and amplify its power. This wand was passed down through successive generations of Altrian princesses but was lost to the ravages of dynastic and religious violence during the later decline of the empire, which claimed the successors of its makers as well. Its image has ever since been used as a rallying call by those seeking to revive the legacy of good-will born forth by the hands that wielded it, and legends of its resurgence have popped up wherever the spark of hope is lit.
Reason glorious star-soulfire
Result A surge of glorious star-soulfire rushes from Sursum Corda towards the damage reporting male manifestation, connects quite skillfully and consecrates the damage reporting male manifestation's head.
Version not updated

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