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System Changelog Entry #5236

Summary various changes pertaining to wand fire volley
Rated Importance
8 raters
Rated Value
8 raters
Type content revision
By Twilight
When Mar 11 2012 1:57 PM
Description made all forms of wand recharging more costly and with more diminishing returns as charges get higher -- wand batteries, wandslinger holsters/bandoliers, and the mechanism built into wthe aligned wand. the wandslinger holster formula went from round(max(pow(round(x), 2) / 400, 5)) to (pow(x, 1.5) - pow(max(x, 100) - 100, 1.5)); wand batteries have fewer charges and more rep degradation of those charges; the ka form wand spirit cost is now exponential based on charges, and the scale at which charges start being added at a diminishing rate kicks in a bit sooner. wand fire volley itself now takes away 5 charges per shot per wand. so if you fire a wand 10 times with the maneuver, it'll cost 50 charges.
Reason wandslingers is partly an offensive DPS association, but it should come in bursts rather than being an easily spammable mechanism
Result wand fire volley less effective, wands harder to recharge, wand batteries a bit more valuable
Projects Wandslingers, Aligned
Version world revision incremented to Lost Souls 0.1.4

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